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Surf Strength & Conditioning Workout

 Surf Strength & Conditioning Workout

Wow, this girl is tough! This was a specific routine designed with the surfer in mind.

There is no video trickery here. She achieved 4×10 close hand press ups with no problem. Just goes to show what regular specific training and Yoga can do. You better watch out boys!

This workout can be done on its own or added to an already existing routine. Try the routine 2-3 times weekly and add progressions to the exercises when they start to get easier. Either using a stronger bungie, slowing the movement down during the Jacknifes, squats, press ups and arm rows.

Rest time between exercises should be a stricked 10sec and ideally the entire circuit should be done minimum 4 times.


Close Hand Press Ups x10

Stability Ball Jacknife x20

Ball Pass x20

Stability Disk Squat x20

Arm Rotations x20 L/R

Power Jumps x10

Rest 10sec between each – Repeat 4 times

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