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Kettlebell Classes – Clapton, North London

Kettlebell Classes – Clapton, North London

Kettlebell Classes

Melt BODY FAT FAST and increase your speed, power, strength and conditioning with KETTLEBELLS.

Gain Superior Cardio and Strength Combined in our 6 week courses.

Kettlebell Classes North London

Kettlebell lifts and movement drills require full-body integration. This means all muscles groups in the body are used to execute Kettlebell moves. As with all standard gym equipment like dumbbells and machines etc, there are no isolated movements, so efficiency of movement are far better utilized. Thus maximizing results and, above all, saving valuable time!

The basic movement used in the kettlebell classes is the swing. The swing and any other long cycle drill develops strong work capacity and anaerobic threshold. Without moving ones feet you will be taxed far more extensively cardiovascularly then using a x-trainer or treadmill!!! Fact.

What will the Kettlebell Classes provide?

  • Vo2 max testing
  • Body stats recorded
  • Strength Testing
  • Learn the 5 foundation exercises
  • Instruction from an RKC & BKLF Instructor

Benefits of regular KETTLEBELL Classes:

  • Melt body FAT FAST
  • Increase Strength Dramatically
  • Develop Superior Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Body Hardening
  • Full Body Toning

6 Week Course £100 (12 sessions)

Wednesdays @ 19:30 & Saturdays @ 11am

Once a Week Training

Saturdays only @ 11am for 6 sessions £59 – Limited Spaces

Wednesdays only @ 19:30 for 6 sessions £59 – – Limited Spaces

Location of 6 week courses:




So sign up today and give yourself a new workout that your body will thank you for!!

One comment on “Kettlebell Classes – Clapton, North London

  1. Susan
    April 1, 2011


    Is there a level of fitness/ strength required to take part in a course?

    Could you let me know dates of up coming courses and how to register?


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