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Deadlift Tutorial

The Deadlift strengthens the back under load. It’s important to have a strong back when lifting objects off the ground that’s why the Deadlift is an amazing skill and should be trained often.It will not only develop and target the entire posterior chain, the Hams, Glutes, Calves and Erector Spine, but this method, in my experience, also develops the forearms and flattens and thickens the abdominals.You won’t develop large legs with the Deadlift as you would with the Squat, but If squatting gives you trouble through a knee injury or similar then the Deadlift is all you have for a large load bearing routine.

Fig 1. is the starting position. The legs should be hip width apart and the back straight and not arched. Your weight should be on the heels and toes lifted to target the posterior chain. The toes don’t have to be up the entire time but until you have the technique down it is a good starting point. The feet should be slightly pointed outward.

There is much discussion about the shoulders and how far they should be over the bar. Some say the deltoid complex should be in line with the bar, but for this tutorial I will advise that the centre of the Scapula bone should be in line with the hands and therefore in line with the bar.

If you took a drill and made a hole through the Scapula and dropped a plumb line down through it it would be directly in line with the bar.

Keep the bar almost touching the shins and grip the bar with one hand over grip and the other under grip. Fig.2 This will prevent the hands slipping under large loads. Keep the bar firmly tucked into the crease of the thumb and hand for maximum grip.Never use hand straps, if your grip is weak deadlift more.


Once you are in the starting position look dead ahead. Try not to look down as this rounds the back and try not to look up as this strains the neck. Pull the shoulders back and lift the chest this will also help keep the back straight.

Once into position brace the abdominals, Glutes, Quads, Lats and arms. Try not to lift the weight as you stand but but instead imagine pushing the floor away with the legs. Ensure full hip extention and squeeze the glutes whilst keeping the arms straiaght at all times. Fig.3 Happy Deading.

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