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Corporate Kettlebell Classes with ITV

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ITV employees are now in their 9th session on their 1st 6 week course of Kettlebell Group Training. We have 16 participants out twice a week in Holborn, London. The participants bring their kettlebells straight from the office at 1 o’clock  for a 45min session. The sessions are focused up muscular endurence, body fat loss and technique with a huge emphasis  upon performance and functional ability.

“If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”

Training Method

Personal Training North LondonThe Kettlebell Classes incorporate warm ups, mobility, S.I.T Intervals and Kettlebell Exercises and drills. Each class is planned and designed to meet the individuals needs as well as collectively, thus targeting and taxing their cardio respiratory system and muscular strength endurance.

Before  the course commenced each participant had lung capacity measurements taken and a simple strength test recorded as standard when signing up to Kettlebell Classes. This will be used to evaluate each person at the end of the 6 week course, we are hoping that every individual will have increased their strength and their oxygen output.

Kettlebell Training Personal Training Muswell Hill Hampstead Highgate

Rapid Body Fat Loss

Two of the participants are on the Metabolic Type Eating Plan since starting the course and have lost a combined total of 9.5lbs which is an amazing achievement already. Further updates will follow.

Their results will be shown at the end of the course and posted on this blog.

S.I.T Training

Kettlebell Training

S.I.T Training or Speed Interval Training, also known as Fartlek Training is an extremely effective and efficient way of increasing an individuals fitness.

The intervals are short approximately 20-30 sec in duration and the rest time anything from 10sec to 2min.

Personal Training North London

I have introduced this methodology to the Kettlebell sessions to stress the cardiovascular systems of the participants and therefore increasing their lung capacity and aerobic output, which with any luck, at the end of the 6 weeks we should see an increase in the participants peak flow reading.

Strength Training

Personal Training North LondonTwice per session press up ladders have been introduced to increase the participants muscular endurance. With results from the press up max test already completed from the first session, ladders have been worked out for each individual. These are done after the warm up and towards the end of the session. This is again a marker of strength increase once we retest all the participants at the end of the course. Already many of them are completing there ladders efficiently and with some ease, so I expect a great increase in muscular endurance and strength once a retest is performed in 3 sessions time!

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