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10 minitues to Raw Chocolate

As part of our new health and longevity posts, the Kettlebell Union will share with you easy and highly nutritional recipes that will inspire and educate you to better eating. We will bring you exciting new information and ideas from the industry about nutrition that will help your body inside and out. 


Our first recipe is our 10min Raw Chocolate recipe. This recipe is so simple its ridiculous. Read on and discover the benefits of the bean and how to make this delicious treat.

The benefits of consuming raw cacao are numerous and there are many websites promoting such. Wikipedia says that cocoa contains a high level of flavonoids, epicatechin, which can increase cardiovascular health. Also longevity expert David Wolfe is a big advocate of raw cacao. He says, that cacao if packed full of enzymes and high levels of magnesium for optimal brain function. He also adds that taking cacao on a regular basis could help the fight against disease and cancer.

10 minutes to Raw Chocolate

Shopping List

Cacao Butter 70g

Cacao Powder 50-60g

Cacao Nips 20g

Manuka Honey/Syrup 1 large tbsp

Sunflower Seeds 1 tbsp


Step 1. Measure out required amounts of Butter and Powder. Grate the butter in a glass bowl.

Step 2.

Melt the butter over heat in a glass bowl. I used a steamer to keep the bowl away from contact with the water. You could use a bain marie if you have one. Do not let the butter boil.

Step 3. Add the powder to the melted butter and stir. Place the nibs and nuts into a sandwich bag and beat until partially crushed. Add them to the chocolate mix and stir.

Step 4. Remove from heat and spoon into desired molds. I used ice cube trays.

Step 5. Place the trays into a fridge for 1 hour to set or 20min in a freezer. Remove and gobble them down or give them to a loved one.

Voila, Raw Chocolate!

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