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Marathon Training – Session 1

First run complete 2 miles in 17 minuets. Not bad at all. Although the distance is short, I’m slowley getting my joints used to the impact of running. I have never run more than 2 miles in my life so this was a big undertaking for me, although I did find it quite easy.

My left calf was quite sore 2 days after and shows that I’m using my left leg more and distributing my weight far more on this side. I know this already and it wasn’t a surprise as I’m unilaterally tight on my right side and have a tendency to stand on my left side which I’m conscious to correct all the time. Although yoga has helped me considerably with these imbalances.

Some tennis ball massage and moans and groans from 1/2 hour on the foam roller for some MFR and trigger point therapy did the trick.

3 miles is my next target and lets hope the massage has helped my recovery for the sprints in a few days time.

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