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Arnold Oborotov in Preperation

Personal Training North London

Arnold Oborotov is in preparation for another sensational Muay Thai Fight. Paul Muratt Thai Coach and myself are conditioning the young champion for his Croyden Match on April 7th 2009.Personal Trainig North London

Arnolds past success have been Southern Area Light Heavy Weight Champion 2008 82kg and his most coveted win was Rings Master Champion 2008. Arnolds task was to win all 3 fights. Amazingly due to his extremely high levels of conditioning and coaching he managed a comfortable win of 3 fights in 2 hours!!

1st opponent – KO 1min 30sec

2nd opponent – Decision

3rd opponent – Stoppage 1st round

Arnold is training 5 days a week and working specific conditioning 2 days a week. Paul Muratt, Arnold Thai Coach, works on his technique for speed and power. Sessions consist of high intense drills with concentration on specific drills or problems from previous fights.

My envolvement is functional high level conditioning, complimenting Paul’s work for power and speed. Relative drills include high basaltic intervals with Kettlebells and barbell work. Such programmes have been:

Peronal Training North LondonDouble KB Swings with Body weight exercises

Olympic Clean and Press

Romanian Deadlifts

Arnolds peak flow measures 550 L\min I will keep a close eye on his progress and will be updating his results weekly.

Fight: April 7th Croyden

Keep an eye on Arnold Oborotov there are many more good things to come from this young talent.

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