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Weight Loss Results & Proof of the Pudding!

Weight Loss & Improved Lung Capacity

As the end of the years draws to a close I thought it best to inform of the remarkable progress my clients have achieved. The clients below all have made amazing progress and each client has surpassed there own expectations in the achievements they have reached.

Not only have they all increased their Kettlebell weights from starting at 8kg at their initial kettlebell introduction, but all have swung, pressed and snatched with a 12kg kettlebell for multiple reps.

The strength gains have been really fast from all the clients below.  Every individual has improved the way they use their bodies during exercise. By this I mean that to enable them to move the 12kg kettlebell there have had to recruit and activate muscles far better than they did before. This has enabled them to becoming more explosive and powerful which has got them the results this far.

Kettlebell Training Results

Kettlebells really are the choice for those that seek quick results and lasting physical improvements to there fitness. The results listed below show the improvements each client has made throughout the year. It hasn’t been an easy ride for some but the results speak for themselves.

Sarah Robson Personal Training North London

Sarah Robson Personal Training North London

Lucy Johnson Personla Training in North London

Lucy Johnson Personal Training in North London

Lucy Johnson’s Results

PeakFlow Increase 0f = 45%

Weight Loss = 21lb

Sarah Robson’s Results

Weight Loss = 7lb

Peak Flow Increase of = 28.5%

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