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Kettlebell Classes North London #4

Kettlebell Classes North London – KO GYM

The Kettlebell Classes here at KO Gym are really starting to hot up, with new participants every week the class is starpb294247ting to get full.

Todays Kettlebell Class was focusing on muscle endurance with each drill lasting 5min. The aim of the session was to keep in time with the instructor at all times, so all participants worked together and pushed their fitness to the limits. Some great determination was seen from all especially the ladies, as each manged almost the entire 5min of presses.

Kettlebell Classes North LondonAs the weeks have progressed at the Kettlebell Classes each participant has improved their cardiovascular output. Each can now swing their chosen Kettlebell for 8 rounds of 30sec double handed swings with 15 sec rest quite easily. Their body weight exercises and tolerance to them has been phenomenal. At the start of each class there are press up ladders to perform, which are 3-4 sets of decreasing reps. Example of this is one of the fighters ladder of 26-14-10. This is a total of 50 press ups and all 3 sets have to be finished within 2min. A final press up test will be given at the end of this course in 2 weeks time.

Keep an eye out for the results, as I’ll post every ones scores from the Kettlebell Classes soon.

Happy belling.

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