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Kettlebell Classes North London #3

Kettlebell Classes London

Todays Class was one of the toughest yet. Each participent had to perform a maximum of 1000 reps with 5 Kettlebell Exercises each lasting 200 reps. This Strength Endurance routine is one of the hardest and demanding programmes that can be performed within a class setting. It’s a challenge I like to give my clients when they have mastered the basic moves which included these exercises: Swing, Clean, Press, Squat and Snatch.

Kettlebell Classes LondonThe participants could peform the Kettlebell Exercises in any order and as many repertitions as they wish. An example would be 20xswings then 10 Snatches and 15 Cleans.

There is no rest throughout until they have finished the 1000 reps. The dmands on the body are tremendous and can increase and promote muscular endurance and incredable strength.

I must stress that this should be used as a test only and should not be used on a regular basis. Each participant completed the programme in an impressive 45 minutes using 12kg Kettlebells

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