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Kettlebell Classes North London #2

Again, a great turn out from all members. There were a few stories of sore adductors and tight glutes and some reports of sore chest which was interesting from last session, but all in all everyone had recovered ready for another demanding Kettlebell Class.

This weeks class targeted the Single Hand Swing and Clean. As the members learnt the Double Handed Swing last week the members found this progression a breeze to adopt. Some are still having minor problems with complete hip extension but I think this is down to experience and once more sessions are under their belts this will be eradicated.

The participants started with 10 swings on each arm and placing the kettlebell on the floor between changes. Once the they were confident with their swings and I was happy with their technique we began teaching the ‘catch’ or ‘take’. This is the transfering of the Kettlebell from hand to hand without putting the Kettlebell down

stopping the flow of movement and enabling the participant to keep swinging uninterruptedly. Once confidence and technique was became second nature the members began catching every Swing. So the total number of Swings were 10 and cathes 10, this was repeated for 3 rounds with a 15 sec rest between each set.

Between exercises we began a torturous abdominal routine that the members found very tough but good all the same. Everyone likes burning Abs don’t they??!!!!

The Hang Clean was the next exercise taught ready for the Press next week. It was decided upon that the Hang Clean is easier than the Swinging Clean for begginners to master at this stage as the later requires more timing and concentration. I used what little remaning session time to dedicate perfecting the timing of the Dead/Hang Clean in readiness for next weeks recap.

Next weeks Programme

DH Swing, SH Swing, Hang Clean & Swing Clean.

Stay Strong.

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