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Personal Training North London – S.I.T and S.A.Q Conditioning

Sarah Robson starting training July 2008 and had not undertaken regular activity for many years. Her life before training was busy and commitments were many. Her 2 children were hard enough to look after at the best of times and running her own business has been priority for many years. Sarah had had enough and decided that improving her wellbeing, increasing her energy levels and if she could drop some body fat along the way would be tough but a great challenge.

Sarah Robson Personal Training North London

Sarah Robson Personal Training - North London

After assessing Sarah it was clear that she could not squat efficiently, unilateral weakness in her left arm and she suffered from an aching lumbar vertebrae and extremely stiff neck and shoulder girdle. We began a programme of low weight Kettlebell Swings to strengthen the lower back and give Sarah mush needed cardio base. After some tough sessions correcting her squat we began see a noticeable difference in Sarah’s endurance and strength. Her back pain started to ease and she felt some relief. Her left arm Kettlebell Presses increased slowly but steadily buy a few reps per week.

Sarah’s programme now consists of Tabata Kettlebell intervals of 20sec swing 10sec rest x 8 sets. We are also working on speed endurance with S.I.T sprints over distance. Also S.A.Q training as been adopted to work on Sarah’s reaction time, agility and to improve her nervous system. (pictured)

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