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Personal Training North London – Kettlebell Challenge

1,000 Rep Kettlebell Challenge

Kirsten Gillard has been training and attending Kettlebell Classes in London for 18 weeks. She attends 2 classes a week and does 1xKettlebell session and 1xswimming session alone.

St James's Park Kettlebell Classes

Kirsten has made remarkable progress from regular Kettlebell training buy increasing her work load from short interval Swings to long cycles that last 5min. Her Press Up count at her very first session was 20 Full Press Ups and now she has progressed to 60 Full Press Ups! a remarkable achievement in 18 weeks. Kirsten’s training has consisted of high intensity Kettlebell Intervals & body weight drills with minimal but striked rest periods and ladders to maximize her strength.

St James's Park Kettlebell Classes

Here, Kirsten is working on an end of course Kettlebell Challenge of 1000 Reps. 5 Kettlebell Exercises and 5 bodyweight exercises consisting of 100 reps per exercise. Execution of the exercises are completely up to the client and in any order permitted. Kirsten achieved her 1000 reps in 57min using an 8kg bell. An unbelievable feet for such a new acquisition to Kettlebell Conditioning.

Swing 100 Jacks 100

KB Squat 100 Ab stabilization 100

Press 100 Power Lunges 100

Snatch 100 Press Ups 100

Clean 100 Squat 100

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