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Personal Training North London – Lucy Johnson Kettlebell Conditioning

Lucy Johnson’s conditioning has come on leaps and bounds in the last 6 months. She has been training with renegadestrength now for almost 1 year and her results have been spectacular. She has dropped over 10kg in body fat and we are working on the last 5kg which she is well on target for.

Lucy Johnson - East London

Lucy Johnson - East London

Lucy has learnt many new skills like: Skipping, plyometrics and Kettlebell Conditioning. Since being out of regular exercise form many years this has not been an easy undertaking for her. The first few months of Lucy’s training were to develop a base level of fitness and strength through Kettlebell exercises and drills. Training only twice weekly for the first 6 months gave Lucy the much needed rest from her demanding sessions. She also worked full time so training has to be structured around her working life. Once into a routine it was clear that at least one more session was needed to push her further towards the set body fat objective.

Lucy Johnson - East London

Lucy Johnson - East London

This increase in frequency payed off with a programme of 3 training sessions a week. Lucy has also under took 1 jogging session herself to suppliment her Kettlebell Training. This combination of methods has given rise to more fat loss over the next 4 month period. Lucy now has an excellent fitness base and can achieve far more in a shorter space of time than when she originally started. Not only has Lucy seen an improvement in her body shape and cardiovascular output, she has also experienced an increase in functional strength. Her Kettlebell swings, snatches and presses have increased from 8kg to 12kg load. Her ability to sustain more by way of endurance had stemmed from this increase in resistance. It became clear during the Kettlebell swing that 8kg was not a sufficient load for her, so another 8kg Kettlebell was added. Double Kettlebell swings at 8kg each were used and structured into her programme, consisting of Fartlek Training principles. After 2 months of Double Kettlebell Swings Lucy moved onto a 12kg Kettlebell, which is what she is currently working with at present.

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