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Kettlebell Class North London #1

Kettlebell Classes @ KO Gym Clapton Every Saturday @ 11am

Today was session #1 of a 6 week course. The session content consisted of teaching the Double Handed Kettlebell Swing which consisted of hip flexer and glutual activation, functional warm up and teaching correct squatting pattern vital for the Swing.

The ‘victims’ were made up of existing KO Gym Fighters, members and the general public. Each victim received: V02max test, peak flow and body stats recorded for analysis. These will be evaluated at the end of the course and displayed in the gym to encourage and inspire the participants for greater results.

Each week will be a recap on the last technique learnt and an introduction to the next Kettlebell Exercise. The 6 week course plan is as follows: DH Swing/SH Swing, Clean, Press, Snatch and TGU. The Kettlebell exercises will be mixed with body weight exercises for thorough compound integration. Catching, grip training and double bells will follow onto the next 6 week block of sessions.

Fartlek Training and principles will be well utilised throughout the course on all given aspects of body weight and Kettlebell drills. The recovery phase will be ‘active rest’ periods designed to keep the HR elivated throughout the session.

Each session will be documented and posted the same day.

Stay strong!

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