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This page catalogs the clients that have achieved amazing results. It is intended to show the changes that can be achieved after only a few days and weeks. None of the pictures here have been altered except to add graphics and colour correction.

Many people, when looking at the pictures, have not believed the results. But I want to stress that these pictures are a true representation of the methods that I employ and the years of experience I have, not to mention the hard work and commitment that my clients have put in to achieve such astounding results .

The purpose of this page is to show what real weight loss looks like and what I can do as a trainer. Also, to try and reeducate the reader and make them realise that it’s completely different to what we see in advertisements and what the media perceive to be healthy weight loss.

Jane’s 7 Day Dramatic Body Change

After 7 days on my detox plan Jane looks amazing. As you can see from the pictures her abdominal bloating has been reduced through careful and stricked nutritional programming. Not only has her visual appearance been dramatic but her hips and waist measurements are equally impressive.

Hip 4.5cm and Waist 2cm reduction.

Jane is continuing with her nutritional program for another 3 weeks and pictures, photo’s and measurements will be taken weekly to support the results.

Jane will also be keeping up her kettlebell program to further her results and maximize her fat loss.

Phil’s 3 Month Weight Loss Results

Phil has achieved wonderful results by simply controlling his calorie intake and taking up regular Kettlebell Training. From the photo’s you can see that not only has he lost considerable fat loss from around his abdomen exposing his abdominal muscles but clearly his posture has considerably improved.

Thus proving that regular exercise can reduce weight but also improve the bodies skeletal system which can only have benefits to the functionality of the body and the internal organs such as the heart, lungs and visceral content for improved performance.

Phil’s Body fat was 26% and it is down to 19% body fat. Phil is improving week upon week with his Kettlebell training and is now regularly using a 16kg bell. Which is remarkable after breaking his back in a road collision and also has a week left shoulder due to frequent dislocation from the aforementioned accident.

Rob’s 1 Week Weight Loss Results

Rob has achieved remarkable results with a simple eating plan devised around Metabolic Typing. The results you see are after 1 week on the eating solution that removes all grains, sugars and high starch vegetables from the diet and increase high purine meats and fish. Rob’s metabolic type was established and after 1 week on the detox he then increased his starch slowly to meet his predicted food ratios.

For the first week Rob was entirely committed to the detox and only a very limited  amount of exercise was permitted. His second week has been the same as the first but this time exercise has been permitted. This consisted of compound Kettlebell drills (see below)RobBellbeforeaftermontagesplats



LanaNovakbackmontage copy

Lana Novak 1 Week Weight Loss

Lana has had great progress with her first week, not only has she lost 7lb in 7 days but has lost a mighty 3cm of her waist and 2.5cm from her hips. The evidence is clear to see from her montage pictures that the abdominal area has been reduced and the core muscles are starting to take shape. Also her back pictures are just as impressive, again the areas of fat loss are clearly visable beneath the shoulder blades and side muscles.

Lana is working on getting to 11st buy November which will be a great achievement. She is doing this with 2 high impact Kettlebell Classes focusing upon strength, increasing her lean tissue and her cardiovascular performance. Keep an eye upon Lana more great things are yet to come.

Before and afters montagesplats

Manda Briggs 1 Week Weight Loss Results

Manda’s nutritional and exercise protocol has been similar to Rob’s. Manda’s nutrition has been carefully followed and the results have been even better than we could have imagined. Todate Manda has lost over a stone and shows no sign of slowing down. Manda loses a few pounds every week after her 1st dramatic loss and is well on course to her preferred weight.

Manda’s exercise programme has been Kettlebell interval training with body weight drills.

Sam Colgate 1 Week Weight Loss Results

sammontagesplatter copy

Sam’s weight loss has been dramatic and impressive. Clearly you can see her waist has slimmed considerably and her adipose tissue has reduced very evidently across her scapula and arms. After her 7 day detox programme Sam is now working towards her next weight loss goals by attending my Kettlebell Classes. Sam is on her first Kettlebell Course and with only 5 sessions in, has pressed 2x12kg bells over her head. This is an amazing achievement from someone who has not partaken in regular resistance training for some years. There are great things to come from Sam which will be documented here soon.

Lara Doe  after 4 months


The transformation is all to clear. Almost 4 stone in 4 months. Her own friends didn’t even recognise the transformation.

Again Lara’s nutrition played a key part in her weight loss as did her Kettlebell training. The hard work really does pay off you you go the distance as Lara did. What is truly remarkable is that the weight has stayed off and she is leading a very health and different lifestyle to the one she once was.

Sharia 1 Week Results Weight Loss Results

sharia front montage copyShariamontage copy

As you can see Sharia has lost weight, most obviously, from her back and from her abdomen. Her shape is starting to return around her hips and tummy area. Sharia’s 7 day detox wasn’t easy but sure was worth the effort. I think the results speak for them selves. Sharia is now working towards her next weight loss targets which will be posted soon.

Alvina Gordon

Alvina’s shape has changed dramatically over the first week. She has worked extremely hard for her results as she attends regular Kettlebell Classes throughout the week which are very tough. I think you’ll agree the she looks absolutely amazing.

Alvinamontage copy

Nicole Stringer 1 Week Weight Loss Results

Nicole came to me to reduce her stubborn abdominal fat as she was to become married a few weeks later. As you can see after her first 7 days the results are very obvious. Nicole is very happy with her results and had a fantastic day.

7 comments on “Before & Afters

    March 12, 2010

    how much does this cost per session , and where are u based? 1am 5ft and weigh 15 st

    • pfallows
      March 16, 2010

      Hello Barbara,

      Are you interested in Personal Training or just the stand alone detox?

  2. Nice to see a blog that is actually interested in helping rather than taking cash!

  3. Katie Lyttle
    September 18, 2011

    Thanks for the tip about diet coke!

  4. Bianca
    March 25, 2012

    how much does this cost per session , and where are u based? 1am 5ft 4inches and weigh 15 st

  5. Kelly Rooks
    June 8, 2012

    This is a fabtastic page…the before and after pictures are inspirational, it’s brilliant that it pushes positive attitudes towards exercise. Professional qualified experts on hand to help us folk with to much junk in the trunk. Can’t wait to smash my first kettlebell session thanks guys x

  6. Jerry
    November 24, 2012

    What is the Russian Reverse Pyramid ? How is it done?

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